Winter Wonderland Party!

I know, I’ve been super quiet around here the past few weeks. My Mum and Dad are in town, and we celebrated our daughters 4th birthday party last week!

While I know a party like this (with 24 kids!) seems so NOT on a budget. I can’t lie and say it didn’t cost. It did. But I have no doubt that it was much cheaper than taking 24 kids to a party venue (bowling, bounce house etc).

The trick is to be well prepared. Very well prepared. We decided to go for a Winter Wonderland theme about 18 months ago (when it was snowing and she LOVED it!) With a theme set, the brainstorming and research began! Some of my favorite party stylists and websites are, of course, Amy Atlas, Hostess with the Mostess, and so many more!
Inspiration is endless. What’s important is to know when to stop. To start, i picked a color pallete. White. Aqua. Silver. I considered touches of red, but felt it would seem too Christmas’y.

Now for the details:

ACTIVITIES: We had activities outside (scarf decorating, snowglobe making, snowball tossing, stamp painting, snowman figurine painting and a winter-themed scavenger hunt). I hope to write a post about the activities this week! Then, we all headed inside to cool off and the tablescape was revealed. 75+ snowflakes hung from the ceiling, and the fireplace was covered floor to ceiling!

FOOD: Where do you begin? Popcorn! Ice Cream! Cupcakes! Blueberry Parfaits! Cake Pops! Marshmellow Pops! Jello! All in the color theme of white, aqua and silver accents! Here are some pics of the food on the tablescape.

THE CAKE: I put a lot of thought into the cake. Can I get it to stand up? How will the hat stand on top? What will I use as a scarf? Decisions. Decisions. While searching for salad bowls one night, I had my own “UHU moment!” Salad bowls upside down look like the belly of the snowman! Sweet! While I’m no Cake Boss, I tried my hardest to get the end result looking fabulous! People couldn’t believe the cake! I had to quietly tell them that not EVERY part of the cake was real. Only a small portion. In the heatwave we had, I was worried about it all standing tall and not melting! Here is a picture of the final result:

EXTRAS: Finding the perfect party hat for the kids (and some fun-loving adults) was a tough endeavor. What does one do? Yup, we make our own! We bought a basic party hat, took it apart, traced it on cardstock, cut, take embellish and just like that, homemade party hats!

Want to check out more of the parties I have styled? They have been featured on Apartment Therapy Family here and here.

This was TRULY a labor of love. Everything was handmade, handcut, handpainted. There is no pricetag on this, or our daughter’s happiness (and surprise!) when she walked down the stairs in her PJ’s early that morning to see it all. THAT makes it all worthwhile.

Until next year….

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